US TOO, PHIL COLLINS – (we’re not dead yet either)

hang glider
    “Have I finalised my will ?” 

We scaled Pat Morton’s, Sis and I
Atop of Lennox Head
And watched the looneys in the sky
Hang on by sail and thread

But some enjoy to fly so high
Instructions fully read
Caring not that they might die
And fall to ground like lead

lennox head loonies 3              Will the family collect the car ?

The hang glide man, quite sincere
Approached us and he said
“Two hundred bucks is not too dear
Please man I need the bread” (local lingo)

I looked at Bern and she at me
Our warning signs were red,
Maybe today was not the day
To die at Lennox Head

annie at lennox head

              Annie – “I’ve seen enough !”

So Annie, Bern and I took off
Quite quickly, must be said
To guard our lives and bank accounts
Atop of Lennox Head

So if you’re on the Byron Road
Keep driving straight ahead
‘Cause if you’re still in living mode
Stay clear of Lennox Head

© David Jack 2019

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