Narrabeen Biker

Another sunny Monday, it’s nice to be alive
Exercising every day, but keeping 1.5
We’re out there on our rusty bikes and many walkers too
For much of our society, this is something new

The bikers in the main, are on their best behave
Not trying hard to send themselves, to an early grave
We’re all in this together, the Sco man tells us all
To fight coronavirus, before we kick a ball

The kids can leave at home the iPads, other gadgets too
And replicate what we did in nineteen sixty two
Our sport has been postponed, our beaches out of bounds
But canine sympathisers, are free to walk their hounds

And one day we’ll be through with this, we’ll celebrate with glee
A beer or two down at the pub, for some a G & T
We must hang on, we’re doing well and flattening the curve
We’re all in this together, it’s time to keep our nerve

David Jack

© 2020




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