Property ownership and the means of financing a property purchase are ever present in the minds of most Australians, “The Great Australian Dream”.

My book provides an easy guide to home loan financing, from deciding where you might purchase a property through to settlement of both your home loan and the property purchase. There is information on all aspects of home loan finance and the book explains so many aspects of a home loan, which can often be confusing for the novice home loan borrower. There are also numerous hints in the book to help the home loan borrowers save thousands of dollars over the loan term.

The early chapters provide hints on accumulating savings, where you might source your home loan from and preparing to make an offer on a property. This is followed by information on costs involved in purchasing a property and taking out a home loan and documents that would be required to approach a lender.

The types of home loans and repayments then are detailed together with information on features such as an offset account, redraw facility and a fixed interest rate lock. A chapter noting the time frame between loan approval and property settlement, allows the reader to understand at what stage they should be, week by week as settlement of the property purchase approaches.

Post settlement, there is then a chapter explaining how a borrower can speed up repayment of their home loan and also provides hints on managing the home loan after settlement.

The book ends with a glossary of common terms, explanation of different types of property title and information on contacting the relevant land titles offices in each Australian state and territory.

I hope that the reader finds my book helpful, educational and allows them to comfortably negotiate what can be a tricky pathway to purchasing a residential property.

Happy house hunting !

David Jack

Email :

April 2022

THE SIMPLE GUIDE TO HOME LOAN FINANCE by David Jack $22.95 + free postage (1 book)

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